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Timber structural products are the environmentally friendly choice for builders and home owners. Precise Prefabs supply the following timber based products:

Roof Trusses

Precise Prefabs manufacture and supply roof trusses for residential dwellings. We can provide a solution to the most complex architectural designs in the industry.

Advantages of prefabricated roof trusses:

  • Use up to 40% less timber than onsite fabrication
  • Avoid wet weather down-time
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Reduce on site labour cost

Floor Trusses

An open web truss system that combines the strength of steel with the usability of timber, the Posi-STRUT floor truss system is an engineered alternative to timber joists constructed onsite.

Advantages of prefabricated floor trusses:

  • Services such as plumbing or electrical are easily installed without the need for drilling, notching or construction of bulkheads
  • Floor trusses allow a consistent depth along the length of the span
  • Lightweight and easily handled onsite
  • Manufactured to comply with AS1684

Wall Frames

Prefabricated wall frames are a more economical and easier alternative to onsite frame construction.

Advantages of prefabricated wall frames:

  • Allow the structure to be sealed quicker
  • Can be ordered to any size or shape
  • Minimise wastage and reduce onsite theft

Building Materials

Precise Prefabs supply a variety of materials required for the installation of our products such as:

  • Trussgrips, Trip-L-Grips and Cyclone Ties
  • Wall Brackets, Hi load Brackets and Girder Brackets
  • Speedbracing and Nails
  • Valleyboards, LVLs and Hy-JOISTs